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                    Step 1.
Bubble expands from 5 to 50 microns.
                     Step 2.
Near-vacuum bubble with high pressure outside.
                    Step 3.
Higher pressure compresses       bubble down  to 0.1 microns.
                   Step 4.
Spherical implosion occurs in liquid media.

The Alfa-Technology uses spherical implosions of near vacuum micro bubbles, which generated and collapsed with Sonoluminescence (SL) light inside stream of processing liquid media. The collapsed with spherical implosion micro bubbles generate an imploding shockwave with pressure up to 1000 MPa that compresses and heats the gas at the center of the bubble at least 10,000 degrees C and higher.

The atoms and molecules being to ionized or break down, forming plasma.
The hot gas emits light through a torrential cascade of energy thereby creating SL light pulses. Combination of several physical effects: imploding shock-wave, SL light resonance and high temperature pulses has significantly influenced the processed fluid media and activates the main chemical reactions inside the Bubble Implosion Reactor.

Our team work on the development of the Alfa-Technology directly for the customer's research and industrial needs for:
1.      activation of Biodiesel after storage,
2.      refinement of diesel fuel and heating oil,
3.      production of unmodified bio-fuel from vegetable oil,
4.      processing of strain-run gasoline, lubricants and recycling oils,
5.      destruction of contamination and toxic chemicals in wastewater,
6.      mixing of the insoluble liquids and drug's nano-particles in water,
7.      treatment of water for activation of plants growth with more crop capacity.