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Question: What is a spherical implosion?
Answer: "... a spherical implosion is causing
incredible temperatures and pressures at the center!"

                                        Dr. William Moss of Lawrence
                                Livermore National Laboratory, USA

The Alfa-Technology is a revolutionary innovation in Sonochemistry science, which uses a spherical implosion of a micro-bubble directly inside stream of processing liquid media.

The spherical implosion generates an imploding  shockwave with pressure pulses up to 1000 psi that compresses  and  heats  the  gas  at  the center of the bubble.  Ionized atoms and molecules break  down forming  plasma  and  creating  light  pulses  named Sonoluminescence. 

Each micro-bubble can therefore be considered as  a  micro-reactor,  with temperatures reaching an  estimated 5000°C,  and  pressures  of  several  hundreds  of atmospheres. The Alfa-Technology may become one  of  the  most  significant scientific breakthroughs for bio-fuel production,  fuel  refining and  waste remodeling industries.